why is Singapore named the town of the lion

The Lion Head is an unusual and skillfully recognisable National Symbol of Singapore. Tiny is more strict than the other decorations very as the National Flag and the State Crest, the Lion Head emblem can be willingly borrowed by souls, organisations and businesses to improve a feeling of nationwide temperament.

This National Emblem was instructed in 1986 as the Government expected an alternative reminder that civilization and organisations could borrow to affirm their belief and agreement with the state. As the National Flag and the State Crest are organized by lawful limitations which impede their practice for saleable or non-governmental bases, the then Ministry of Communications and Information attempted an examination for a variety that civilization could readily recognize.
The Ministry persuaded particular craft academies and promotion tools to develop a fresh emblem that biggest epitomizes the facets of the state. Many plans were adapted employing motifs seriously as HDB quarter, palm plants and many lions. At the completing entrance stood a lion general by a youthful engineer nominated Mr Michael Lee, who proposed his blueprint as a prize to the state.

The lion prevailed chosen as it is a strong and notable reminder of Singapore’s stature as the Lion City and symbolises three nationwide values: stamina, superiority and vitality. Singapore’s inscription itself emanated from ‘Singa Pura’ (which means “Lion City”). According to the Malay Annals, Sang Nila Utama, a prince from Palembang, bestowed this term to the isle after he reached ashore and saw a thing he speculated to be a lion.


The Lion Head symbolises stamina, vitality and superiority. It is in durable pink against a white atmosphere – the colours of the National Flag. The mane possesses five partings that embody the equivalent five purposes epitomized in the five principles of the National Flag, scilicet democracy, stability, advancement, righteousness and sameness. The lion’s dogged mien symbolises the government’s single-minded strength to countenance and survive any challenges.


Someone, organisation or business can employ the Lion Head character as bases for recognizing the world.

Bit Singapore businesses may employ the Lion Head decoration as a compromise of recognizing themselves with Singapore, it should not be speculated or grabbed to reflect any manner of authorized acceptance of the firm’s properties or aids.

The Lion Head decoration should be wielded in reasonable aroma and behaved toward with satisfaction and affection. Its layout should not be altered in any direction or have any messages or representations superimposed over it. Nevertheless, it may be characterized in outline structure, be embossed or described as a watermark.

The authorized colours of the Lion Head trimming are Pantone 032 (red), white or black.
Employing the Lion Head Symbol

  1. Who may employ the Lion Head decoration?

Any Singaporean particular, organisation or firm may employ the Lion Head Symbol to recognize the nation.

  1. I am curious to utilize the Lion Head decoration. What is its tactic of intention?

As disseminated in Q1, the Lion Head decoration may be borrowed by Singapore-based souls, organisations or firms to affirm devotion and comfort toward Singapore. The Lion Head emblem must be cared for with satisfaction and esteem and by the legislation. Consent is not obliged to wield the emblem.

It is the commitment of the stoner to guarantee that the design of the Lion Head emblem is in steadfastness with the below tactic, failing which consent to wield the decoration shall be withdrawn:

The Lion Head symbol shall not be employed in any direction that is feasible to develop a notion that the State or the Union of Singapore is authorizing any adequate or duty;

The Lion Head symbol shall not be adapted in any kind or remember any terms or representations superimposed over it, and not borrowed in any colour extra than Pantone 032 (red), white or black;

The Lion Head emblem is not for undivided usage and may not be expressed as or as a role of any label.

For further news on the tactic for the intention of the Lion Head Symbol, stroke refers above.

  1. If my proposal to manipulate the Lion Head emblem is approved, would there be any expenses that I would expect to compensate?

No. There are no authorization expenses or expenses affected.

  1. I saw that the Lion Head symbol’s plan has the letter “Singapore” underneath it, but I possess noticed the decoration standing wielded elsewhere without the terms

Can I employ the variety without the term “Singapore”?

Yes, the Lion Head emblem may be employed without the word “Singapore” underneath it, although it is submitted to do so.

  1. What is the authorized colour of the Lion Head decoration?

The authorized colours of the Lion Head emblem are ruddy (Pantone 032), white and black. It remembers also breathed accentuated in outline structure, embossed or described as a watermark.

  1. Can I adapt the Lion Head decoration (e.g. artistically render it) before wielding it?

No. The Lion Head decoration should be employed as it is and in its whole, and should not be altered in any direction or possess any words or representations superimposed over it.


  1. Is the Lion Head decoration the perfect as the Merlion Symbol?
    No, it is not. The Lion Head reminder is often inaccurately related to the Merlion image
  2. If I would like to borrow the Merlion Symbol, whom should I inscribe to for consent?
    The Merlion Symbol is supervised by the Singapore Tourism Board. To achieve acceptance for the practice of the Merlion Symbol, gratify reference Singapore.

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