The World’s 10 Most Majestic Countries

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In the world of fashion, there are many different terms used to describe things that are “in style”. A trend is simply a short-lived fad, something that is currently popular but will soon be replaced by something else. When something becomes “in style” it is usually because of the efforts of someone who is very influential in the world of fashion. This person may have started the trend, or perhaps they are just now making it popular.

The World’s 10 Most Fashionable Countries

The World’s 10 Most Fashionable Countries are given below


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They have had a very strong influence on what is now known as “classic style.” Back in the day, when men wanted to look sharp, they wore dark suits, white shirts, and narrow ties. Their grooming was very formal and they carried themselves with an air of self-importance. In Italy, and many other countries around the world, men wear less-formal attire, carry themselves with more of a “cad” attitude, and do not give off the appearance of being so serious.
This makes them much more approachable and friendly, which in turn makes them more likely to get business from these individuals. This type of dress code is also referred to as “pragmatism”. It is considered good manners to be prepared. If you are going to a business meeting, it is considered bad form to arrive unprepared. This does not mean you have to arrive in a tuxedo.


France is second on the list because they have such a long history of influencing style in general. The French have always been very willing to embrace change, especially when that change is for the better. They have long been recognized as the most intelligent and innovative people in the world. The French have been at the forefront of every major style evolution that has occurred over the past few centuries. Today, the French still wear a great deal of what was the classic style back in the day; however, they have also added a lot of their flair to it. For example, the French have always been famous for their hats.


Spain is third on the list because they are currently wearing much more of what was classic American style back in the day. The difference is, that they have added a strong Spanish flare to it. Spain is a country with very strong national pride. They are not the biggest or the most powerful country in the world, but they sure don’t feel that way inside. You will rarely if ever see a Spaniard wearing a t-shirt and shorts. They tend to dress very formally even in casual situations. However, since they have a very practical and down-to-earth attitude, they have no problem wearing a very stylish tie-dye t-shirt if it helps them be more effective.

United state

The United States is number four on the list because they are currently wearing much more of what was classic British style back in the day. The British also introduced the concept of dressing for comfort instead of only dressing to impress others. The Americans took these concepts to an extreme and now, most people who live here dress for comfort no matter what the situation. Women, on the other hand, have a much wider variety of choices. If you ask ten different women what they would wear to go shopping for groceries, you will get eleven different answers.

United Kingdom

The British are famous for being extremely practical and down-to-earth. However, since money is so tight for so many people here, they have no problem spending a little extra on very high-quality items that will last a lifetime. This makes them very desirable as customers. They can afford to buy something “just because it is stylish” without it affecting their budgets.


Brazil is number six on the list because they have incorporated a lot of what the French were doing back in the day; however, they have added an unmistakable Brazilian flair to it. Brazil is the only country on this list with a primarily white-collar workforce. The rest of the countries on this list have mostly blue-collar or service-type workforces.

Previously, Brazil was a country that only recently began to embrace Western culture. However, nowadays, you will see lots of young Brazilian business owners wearing Ferragamo shoes, Gucci sunglasses and Prada watches just like their Western counterparts. This change has occurred because Brazil is now considered part of the Western world.

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Japan is number seven on the list because they have been wearing much more of what the Americans were wearing back in the day. However, they have incorporated a very strong Japanese flair into it. Japan is the most “status-conscious” country on this list. Almost everyone dresses in a very formal manner here; even women who go shopping for groceries. The only people who ever see a woman wearing jeans and a t-shirt when she goes shopping is her friends and family. The Japanese have always been “into” Western culture; however, they are extremely selective about the parts of it they embrace.


Sweden is number eight on the list because they have been wearing a more “balanced” mixture of what the other countries were wearing. They have not ignored any of the trends; however, they have tried to include a little bit of everything. Since there are four different trends here, it is impossible for any one country to perfectly embody all four of those trends. Therefore, Sweden has ended up being kind of “middle-of-the-road” regarding fashion. This has made them very desirable as customers because no matter what their taste, they can always find something that will make them happy.


Singapore is number nine on the list because they have incorporated almost everything that is classic British style into their unique spin. They are extremely practical and down-to-earth people who have “discovered” Western culture and are now deeply enamored with it.

Most of the women here would never dream of wearing a pair of stilettos or a mini-skirt even if they could afford them. These items represent “foreign” culture to them and would be seen as absurdly out of place. Singaporean men are very much like their local women; they dress in very comfortable, easy-care attire that is practical and easy to travel in. However, since they are not burdened with the emotional baggage of most other countries, they can afford to buy items of greater extravagance.


They have maintained their own unique “Netherlandish” style that is very identifiable. It consists of simple, classic cuts and a heavy reliance on the colors black and white. This simplicity makes them an extremely easy-to-wear and comfortable outfit. Even the most exotic and high-priced items they wear can be worn for years without a single adjustment needed. This makes them extremely desirable as customers. They can afford to buy something “just because it is stylish” without it. Also read about the best outfit

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