1. China best landmarks

Best landmarks in China 

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From the Great Wall to hot pot restaurants to Buddhist temples, this is a unique resource for travelers and tourists who want to explore the hidden gems of China.

The Great Wall of China

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It’s one among the foremost visited tourist attractions within the world.. It is certainly a landmark worth seeing. Great Walls are great for Visiting History Museums. Walls have long been associated with the idea of defense.Great Walls are great for Visiting History Museums. Walls have long been related to the thought of defense. But today, a visit to an excellent wall are often far more than simply an opportunity to gawk at the peak and enormity of the thing.

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The Grand Buddha of Leshan

This landmark is in Sichuan Province, China.  This statue of Buddha stands over 9 feet tall and weighs over 6 tons. It was cast in 755 AD and is the largest surviving piece of Bronze Casting in the world. Great Buddha Temple is one of the most important Buddhist sites in all of China.

Legend has it that an area farmer made a self-portrait within the shape of a cow as a present for his favorite son .When the boy became an adult he returned the favour by making a portrait of his father in the form of a giant bronze Buddha. The two statues stand side-by-side in front of the main hall of the temple.

The Mogao Caves in Dunhuang

This is the best landmark to visit in China. These are the most ancient Buddhist caves in China. They were used for meditation and prayer by Buddhist monks from around the world for almost a thousand years. These caves are in the Gobi desert, which is part of modern-day China.

 Some many Buddhist statues and frescos are over thousand years old. Dunhuang Island (East of Lantau Island) may be a small island off the coast of Hong Kong it’s an area where the rich and famous come to flee the hustle and bustle of recent life.. It is a place where you can go parasailing or kite surfing or just lie on the beach and enjoy the sun.

The Forbidden City — the Largest Imperial Palace in the World

where the rich and famous come to flee the hustle and bustle of recent life. it’s an area where you’ll go parasailing or kite surfing or simply lie on the beach and luxuriate in the sun. this is often a must-see for any tourist to Beijing. it’s located just north of Tiananmen Square.  It was the home of emperors from 1368 until 1911 when it was abandoned. Nowadays it is a museum with a few rooms remaining as they were when the emperors lived there.

It is the largest palace in the world and also the most popular tourist attraction in Beijing. The Temple of Heaven this magnificent complex was built to please the gods and thank them for good harvests. Today it’s a famous place of Buddhist worship. it had been built between 1406 and 1420 during the Ming . Located in Xian, Shaanxi Province, China, this is often one among the most recent and best museums in China.Today it is a famous place of Buddhist worship. It was built between 1406 and 1420 during the Ming Dynasty.

The Terracotta Warriors Museum

 Located in Xian, Shaanxi Province, China, this is one of the newest and best museums in China. It was designed by American architect Jack Lynch. The museum has been featured on the CBS Evening News, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, and The Learning Channel and in Time magazine.

Inside the museum are over 7,000 terracotta warriors, chariots, horses and other artefacts excavated from a burial site dating back to the Warring States Period (about 500 BC to 200 BC). In 1974 a farmer ploughing his field found a rare underground tomb containing the remains of a person a lady and eight children who had died together around 400 BC

Mount Everest

 It is located in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China; this mountain is the highest point on Earth at 8848 meters above sea level. It is also the home of the mightiest Buddhist statue in the world. The Gompa of Namgyal Monastery is built into the side of the mountain. The monastery was founded in 1419 by Je Tsongkhapa, one of the principal teacher of the 14th Dalai Lama. It was here that the 14th Dalai Lama meditated for the first time when he was just 12 years old.

The monastery now contains an assembly hall that can hold up to 6,000 people. This amazing pre-Columbian site is located high in the cool cloud forests of Costa Rica. It is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for a different type of vacation experience. Also read about: “Turkey”

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